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Full Meal Deal

  • P-Tex filling
  • Belt polish
  • Stone Grind
  • Edge and Wax

Full Meal

  • P-Tex filling
  • Belt Polish
  • Edge and Wax

Edge and Hot Wax

  • Sharpen Edges
  • Base Wax

Binding Mount

  • Mounted based on skier preference or factory
  • Included with purchase of skis
P-Tex Filling:
Similar material to the base of the ski, filling in scrapes, core shots, gouges
Belt Polish:
Cleans up the base of your ski or board and brings it back to original state
Stone Grind:
Creates a faster ski by grinding a pattern into the base of the ski
Edge and wax:
Sharpens the ski edges as part of regular maintenance, plus waxing

Boot Fitting

  • Custom adjustments to ski boots
  • Included with purchase of boots
Bootfitting Services

Good boot fitting begins with properly fitted BOOTS!

But if, by chance, your feet have changed or you didn’t buy the right boots in the first place, do not despair. We have the solution for you.

If you need more room somewhere around your feet, we can adjust and punch out the boot to accommodate different sizes and shapes of individual feet. We also carry custom footbeds, custom foam or Intuition liners, and have a wide range of BootDoc and Superfeet products to suit all your customization needs. We even have sock solutions to help with muscle fatigue and circulation issues, as well as, a bevy of other tips and tricks to make every ski day an enjoyable one.